Match Reports – 18 November


Dromore Ladies 1st XI sponsored by Dromore Dental took on Ballymoney 1st XI at home in Ferris Park this week in the first round of the McConnell Shield. From the first whistle, Dromore dominated the game with some fantastic balls being fed through to the forwards from the midfielders consisting of Rachel Morrow, Sarah Wilson, Judith Carson and Nicole Liberty. Ballymoney’s keeper made sure that they didn’t travel the long distance to give up easily and with some fantastic saves the forwards were in for a tough run to ensure a lead. As half time was blown a scoreboard showed an unfortunate 0-0.

However, Dromore was not going to give up without a fight. A solid defence from Tara Malcolmson, Ally McMullan, Holly Hanna, Emily Mills and a pleasant return from injury Michelle Herron kept Ballymoney out of the attacking 23 for the majority of the match leaving Eve Hughes to vocally lead the team from the back.

The girls set up some superb balls throughout the match giving plenty of opportunities for the team. Gracefully paced runs from Veronica Fitzpatrick and well matched skills from Anna Hughes, Rebecca Dougan and Ana Clarke were able to pierce the Ballymoney defense and in a heated attack for Dromore, they were able to secure their first goal. A good run for Katie McDonald in midfield sending some super balls in for Anna Hughes to pick up and win several short corners was much to the success of Dromore after a well struck straight strike from Tara Malcolmson secured Dromore’s win to 2-0.

An overall fanatic performance by both teams but Dromore 1st XI showed determination, teamwork, positivity, and composure on and off the ball to ensure their place in the quarterfinals.

Thank you again to Dromore Dental For their continued sponsorship


Dromore 2XI V Banbridge 2XI 19/11/17

After a great performance at home the previous week, Dromore Ladies 2XI started off strong in the first half of their home game against Banbridge 2XI. It was clear from the start that Dromore had real potential to win the game with some exceptional play through the midfield consisting of Captain Jenny Moore, Michaela Neill and Zara Greenfield. Nevertheless, Banbridge worked hard around the back. Dromore equaled their work ethic though and with a high press intercepted numerous balls, which sadly couldn’t be converted. Impressive distribution of the ball by Lauren Pedlow and Zara Greenfield allowed the game to open up for Dromore and enabled the ball to find the forwards. Unfortunately, the first half ended without any goals being scored by Dromore, however, having not conceded any either, they realised they stood a fair chance of getting the goals that they deserved in the second half. After a hopeful half-time talk, the girls knew they had more to give and were longing for a positive result. After having assessed Banbridge in the first half, Dromore’s formation changed which enabled more attacking play. The transformation of the dynamics going into the second half also benefitted the defense as they had more room to pick out passes further up the pitch. The back four comprising of Thea Wilson, Sophie Thompson, Caitlyn Lyness and Anna Martin played much more confidently together and the ball flowed much better which allowed the ball to find the midfield.

Dromore was dominating the match with Vicky Lowey and Alanna Wilson making the most of their speed by producing opportunities in the circle for Dromore. The more attacking second half enabled the match to intensify which created more chances for Dromore, resulting in awarded corners but unfortunately, they couldn’t score from them. Dromore showed no desire to give up in the last 10 minutes of the game and created more deserved opportunities by keeping the pressure on Banbridge but unfortunately, the ball just couldn’t find the net. As the final whistle blew the match regrettably ended up 0-0, however, having upped their performance in the second half Dromore will go into next Saturday’s cup match confident that they can deliver a good performance and hopefully get the result they very much deserve.


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