U11 Squad

The U11 squad compete on Sundays throughout the season in the U11 league. This gives the girls the chance to represent the club at a young age and experience hockey in a competitive & safe environment.

From January 2012 – We have Three U11 Teams entered in the Ulster Hockey U11 League. Two teams will consist of P7 age girls while the third U11 team will consist of solely P6 age girls. Scroll down for U11 Fixtures.

U11 2016-2017 Team

U11 2016-2017 Team

U11 2016-2017 Team

The U11 Squad train Monday nights 6:30pm – 8:00pm at Ferris Park and matches normally take place on Sunday afternoons.

All our sessions are run by fully qualified and accredited coaches and are operated in a safe and fun environment.

U11– Rules and Regulations 2012/2013

  • Age Qualification; Players MUST be in primary school as of the day of the tournament.
  • Squads: 5 players on the pitch at any one time + Goalkeeper. Goalkeepers are optional – 6 outfield players in this case. Unlimited substitutions.
  • Time: 8-12 minutes duration straight through (no half time) with 2-3 minutes available to get to your next game.
  • The pitch will be 1/3 or ¼ full size.
  • The game will start with a push or hit from the centre of the pitch either backwards or forwards.
  • Goals can only be scored from within the opponent’s 1/2 of the pitch which will be marked by cones at either side of the pitch.
  • There is no offside in the games.
  • There are no penalty corners in the games.
  • Normal rules of hockey apply regarding feet, sticks, autopass etc
  • All players except the striker must be 5 metres from the ball at free hits and corners and the ball must move at least 1 metre from all free hits, side line balls etc. autopass to apply
  • The ball over the sidelines will be a push or hit in.
  • The ball over the back line:
    -if by a defender, the attacking team take a hit or a push approx ½ way up the scoring zone up from the corner along the side line.
    -if by an attacker, the defender takes a hit or push approx ½ way up the scoring zone where the ball went out.
  • When an infringement occurs within the 10 metres of the defenders’ goal,
    by a defender – the ball should be moved back out to a position as above in line with the infringement.
    If an infringement occurs within the 10 metres of the defenders’ goal by an attacker -the ball is brought out to a position as above in line with the infringement.
  • All free hits are indirect
  • A goal cannot be scored directly from a free hit, or corner, by a deflection off a defender’s stick or a goalkeeper’s pads when the ball has not touched another attacker’s stick. “Own Goals” will not be awarded in U11 hockey due to the size of the scoring area.
  • In the event of an autopass – If the ball has travelled 5 metres after an autopass then a shot at goal is possible from the player who has made the autopass. The same rule applies from side line balls and corners. Therefore if a player takes an autopass and dribbles past one or two players, he/she is entitled to score himself, provided the ball has travelled 5 metres.
  • If during the game a player becomes injured the Umpires will stop the game and evaluate the injury and deal with it accordingly then restart the match as soon as possible.
  • Goalkeepers must wear a full padding, kickers, pads, abdominal protector, chest guard, protective gloves and a full helmet AT ALL TIMES – no helmet no game.
  • 1 umpire per pitch is suitable. Each team should have a nominated umpire that is not a member of the coaching/supervisory staff.
  • Umpires decision is FINAL.